The power to use magic that hypnotizes targets. Form of Magic. Variation of Hypnosis.

Also Called

  • Hypnosis Magic
  • Mesmerism Magic


The users of the power can utilize powerful spells to hypnotize targets, placing them in a trance-like state or compelling them to follow the caster's commands.




  • Users of Indomitable Will / Control Negation / Magic Negation / Psychic Shield are highly resistant
  • Users of Control Immunity / Magic Immunity / Psychic Immunity are impervious.
  • People with  may be immune.
  • May require concentration.
  • May require verbal communication/commands.
  • May require time and/or cooperation from the victim like typical Hypnosis.
  • May only work on living targets or targets that have controllable minds.
  • Effects may wear off after time, due to distance or from weakness/death of caster.
  • Skill/strength of caster may affect magic's effectiveness.

Known Users

Known Objects