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The power to put others in a suggestive trance using breasts. Variation of Hypnosis.

Also Called

  • Breasts/Boobs/Bust/Mammaries Hypnotism
  • Hypno-Boobies/Breasts/Bust/Mammaries
  • Mesmerizing Breasts/Boobs/Bust/Mammaries


The user can put others in a suggestive trance upon visual contact with the users breasts, effect may take a few minutes to work or happen instantly. While in the trance, the person becomes highly pliant to their suggestions.




  • Users of Psychic Shield and Indomitable Will are immune.
  • Depend on visual contact.
  • May only work on people of a certain gender or sexual orientation.

Known Users

See Also: I Have Boobs You Must Obey


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