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The power to gain strength from being a hybrid. Lesser form of Hybrid Transcendency.

Also Called

  • Hybridism Affinity


The user possesses augmented powers as a result of being a hybrid between two species, making them more powerful than either of their parent races.



Known Users

See also: Hybrid Power.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
  • Humans with Saiyan blood (Dragon Ball Z)
    • Gohan
    • Goten
    • Trunks
  • Mydia/Judge of Wings (Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings)
  • Hyoudou Children (Highschool DxD Ex)
  • Tanarotte (Magicians Academy)
  • Hybrids (Underworld)
    • Michael Corvin
    • Marcus Corvinus
    • Eve


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