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The ability to form a synergistic bond with an Artificial Intelligence.

Also Called

  • Human-A.I. Bonding/Interface


The ability of both the user and Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) to form a synergistic unit to ensure the survival of the two or to infiltrate an enemy's computer systems.


  • Activation & Deactivation: The A.I. can turn machines on or off as well as manipulate the security systems depending on the sensitivity of the mission for it's human partner.
  • Digital Form: In part of being a living algorithm users can become most any form of information enabling them to better sync with and utilize any form of technology the encounter.
  • Techno-Empathy: Bond with and synergize with any and all forms of mechanical/cybernetic devices by feeling what the A.I. feels and thinks, better unionizing the active and reactive functioning of man and machine.
  • Technology Manipulation: The A.I. can manipulate the technology in the surrounding area, allowing it to control the tech on its own or "slaving" the tech to the user's armor.



  • The A.I. could become corrupted if exposed to either excessive amounts of alien data or hacked by an outside party.
  • The link can be severed if the A.I. is deleted, the user is killed, or an EMP is used.
  • May require a combat exoskeleton.
  • User may be driven insane with constant chatter in their head
  • User may be restricted to one A.I.

Known Users

  • Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 & Cortana (Halo)
  • Ark Hunter & EGO (Defiance)
  • Blue Beetle (DC)
  • Overlord (Mass Effect)
  • Neo (The Matrix)
  • Nanosuit users (Crysis Series)
  • Maine A.K.A Meta (Red VS Blue)
  • Private Tucker (Red VS Blue)
  • Wyoming (Red VS Blue)
  • Tex (Red VS Blue)
  • Washington (Red VS Blue)
  • York (Red VS Blue)
  • California (Red VS Blue); for a short time.
  • North Dakota (Red Vs Blue)
  • Gamma (Red VS Blue); as an A.I.
  • Delta (Red VS Blue); as an A.I.
  • Theta (Red VS Blue); as an A.I.
  • Sigma (Red VS Blue); as an A.I.
  • Omega (Red VS Blue); as an A.I.
  • Epsilon (Red VS Blue); as an A.I.

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