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The power to manipulate higher dimensional space. ​Sub-power of Meta Space Manipulation. Variation of Dimensional Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Hilbert Space Manipulation
  • Hyperdimensional Manipulation
  • Taikyoku Manipulation (Kami Sama Series)


The user can create, shape and manipulate higher dimensional reality, which our classic 0 to 4-D reality is not even one in infinity. They can fuse all dimensions into one, pull a true dimensional entity from a higher dimension to the lower one, etc.




Known Users

  • Great Attractor (Diebuster)
  • Hadou and Gudou Gods (Kami Sama Series)
  • Most Characters (Tenchi Muyo)
  • Most Characters (Cthulu Mythos)
  • Most Characters (Doctor Who)
  • Most Characters (Demonbane)
  • Most Characters (Ah My Goddess)
  • Everyone (Umineko:When They Cry)
  • Everyone (I/O)
  • Gan (The Dark Tower)
  • Lord of Nightmares (Slayers)
  • Alternity (Transformers)
  • Hytherion (Transformers)

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