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The power to use high-tech mystical armor. Combination of Enchanted Armor and High-Tech Exoskeleton. Variation of Power Suit and Science-Magic Mixture.

Also Called

  • Cybernetic Mystical Armor/Exoskeleton
  • Enchanted Powered Armor/Exoskeleton
  • Magitek Armor/Exoskeleton


The user utilizes a suit of armor that is both composed of high-level science and uses a variety of enchanted materials, or is originally high-tech armor that was subsequently given a permanent enchantment to allow for mystical effects. This combination allows for the utilization of a variety of magical effects, while simultaneously providing the means to interact easily with non-magical technologies. Some versions of this kind of armor may allow the ejection of mystical metals, or even a computer to determine incoming spells and appropriate counter-spells.




  • Armor may be rendered inert by anti-magical or anti-enchantment effects.

Known Users