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The ability to manipulate the hierarchy of everything around oneself. Not to be confused with Status Manipulation.

Also CalledEdit

  • Hierarchy Manipulation
  • Precedence Control/Manipulation
  • Rank Control/Manipulation


The user can can change the 'Hierarchy' of all things whether physical, conceptual, social, etc., which allows them to change the designated status of objects or beings in reality and change that status to suit the user's needs.

Because something of a higher hierarchy cannot be harmed by a lower hierarchy, the user can change the composition of an object while changing its hierarchy. For example, the user can make a grain of wheat higher than brick walls in hierarchy of mass and weight, so wheat will be able to cut through walls. They could also choose to alter the hierarchy of air and make it "stronger than steel".

With enough skill, they can manipulate the hierarchy of beings to make them equal or even below the user's own status in reality.




  • May be required to to verbally state which element, object, or being has it's hierarchy changed.
  • May only be able to change the attributes of "one element" at the time.
  • Need to have understanding of the object they are altering, which translates in the user being unable to properly affect unknown objects.

Known UsersEdit

Known ObjectsEdit

  • Evil Pieces (Highschool DxD)

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