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The power to cause the hearts of others to restart. Sub-power of Cardiology Manipulation. Opposite to Heart Stopping.

Also Called

  • Defibillation Inducement
  • Heart Restart Inducement
  • Heart Revival


The user can cause the hearts of others to instantly restart, effectively reviving them.




  • Can only be effective if the body can still function.
  • May have to succeed before the soul moves on.
  • Too much can cause the heart to explode.

Known Users

  • Enel (One Piece)
  • Thor (Marvel)
  • Tengu Brunch (Toriko)
  • Gwen Raiden (Angel)
  • Master Roshi (Dragonball Evolution)
  • Piccolo (Dragon Ball)
  • Dave Stutler (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)
  • Barry Allen/The Flash (The Flash TV Series)

Known Objects

  • Shock Gloves (Batman: Arkham Origins)
  • Johann Maelzel's Metronome (Warehouse 13)


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