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The power to have the traits of a heart. Opposite to Heartlessness.

Also Called

  • All-Heart
  • Heart Mimicry/Manifestation
  • Cardiovascular Mimicry/Manifestation/Physiology
  • The Heart
  • The Living Cardiovascular System
  • The Living Heart


User is an entity completely comprised of a heart, multiple hearts or recurring aspects of the cardiovascular system. This could count as a literal meaning, their physiology looking and behaving just like a regular heart, or this could be symbolic, their physical form a manifestation of their heart.




  • Being that the heart is an incredibly sensitive organ, the user may be very vulnerable in this state.
  • Should the heart entity and the person it spawned from coexist, they may have differing morale and could clash against one another.

Known Users


  • Calcifer (Howl's Moving Castle)


  • Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)


  • Kardiak (Teen Titans)
  • Ricardio (Adventure Time)


  • Idea of Evil (Berserk)
  • Gerard Valkyrie (Bleach)
  • Oubu's Heart (Bubuki/Buranki)
  • Clear (Final Fantasy Unlimited)
  • Calcifer (Howl's Moving Castle)
  • Musō (InuYasha)
  • The Infant (InuYasha)

Video Games

  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts series)
  • Heartless (Kingdom Hearts series)
    • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
  • Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
  • Tubba Blubba's Heart (Paper Mario)
  • Luvbi (Super Paper Mario)
  • Verius (Tales of Symphonia)
  • Hades' Heart (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
  • Black Heart (Destiny)



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