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The ability to enter a protective state in order to heal any injuries. Variation of Regenerative Healing Factor.

Also Called

  • Healing Trance
  • Protective Coma
  • Regenerative State


The user can enter a protective state, similar to a coma or Vegetative state, to regenerate and restore any injuries the user may have sustained. The user can't be hurt when in this state and, when they wake up, will be a the peak of their species' health.




  • User's body can be completely destroyed before they can awaken, such as being tossed into a furnace.
  • Users may be in longer comas if their injuries are life-threatening.
  • If users have been in the coma for a long time it may cause memory loss: name, home, etc.

Known Users

  • Doomsday (DC Comics)
  • Graxosians (DC Comics)
    • Arisia Rrab
  • Icon (DC Comics)
  • Superman (DC Comics)
  • The Doctor (Doctor Who)
  • Gamera (Gamera)
  • Tar-chan (Jungle King Tar-chan)
  • Centauri (The Last Starfighter)
  • Saturn Girl (Legion of Super Heroes)
  • Adam Warlock (Marvel Comics)
  • Pokemon that learn the move "Rest" (Pokemon)
  • Cosmo-Knights (Rifts)
  • Void-Knights (Rifts)
  • Kumbhakarna (SMITE)
  • Vulcans (Star Trek)
    • Spock
  • Necrons (Warhammer 40,000)
  • Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000); via the Sus-an Membrane
  • Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)


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