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The power to change the hair color of oneself or others. Sub-power of Hair Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Hair Color Alteration
  • Tricho-Chromakinesis


The user with this power can change hair color, either of oneself and others.



  • Effect may be temporary.
  • Effect may be limited to genetic capabilities

Know Users

  • Otoha Kokonoe (Absolute Duo)
  • Sarah Bailey (The Craft)
  • Freya Beauchamp (Beauchamp Family Series)
  • Mardi and Molly Overbrook (Summer on East End Series)
  • Paige Matthews (Charmed); Via Potion Creation
  • Felicia Hardy/Black Cat (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
  • Launch (Dragon Ball franchise)
  • Saiyans (Dragon Ball franchise); via Super Saiyan transformations
  • Karasu (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Illyria (Angel)
  • Nymphadora Lupin (Harry Potter)
  • Creeper (DCAU); via antidote skin patches
  • Beka Valentine (Andromeda)
  • Kurama/Yoko Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Race of Hera (Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound)
    • Bojack (Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound)
    • Kogu (Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound)
  • Motoko Gettou/Hibiki/Fujiko/Mikiri (Change 123)
  • Delirium (Vertigo Comics)
  • Giorno Giovanna (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo); via Gold Experience
  • Violet Song Jat Shariff (Ultraviolet)
  • Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis (Farscape)
  • Coiffio (Perfect Hair Forever)
  • Conner Kent/Alexander Luthor (Smallville); via red kryptonite
  • Lucy (Lucy)
  • Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
  • Sal Lassiter (Supernatural)
  • Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
  • Cleveland Brown (Family Guy)
  • Trixie Lulamoon (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Miranda Kane (Shadow Falls); via Spell Casting
  • Kieran (The Shadowhunter Chronicles); via Emotional Trigger

Known Objects

  • Irokane (Aria the Scarlet Ammo)
  • Energy Steroids (One Piece)


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