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The ability to create gravitational singularities. Sub-power of Gravity Manipulation.

Also CalledEdit

  • Gravitational Singularity Creation
  • Space-Time Singularity Creation/Generation


User can create gravitational singularities, where matter is compressed to a point of zero size and space-time curvature is infinite. This usually creates a black hole, where the singularity is "cloaked" by an event horizon (the boundary where the escape velocity equals the speed of light).

Black holes produce a strong gravitational field that destroys and devours matter, with many offensive applications; however, rotating black holes have ring-shaped singularities, allowing some in-falling matter to pass through unharmed and emerge from a white hole in a different place, time, or universe.

Under some circumstances, singularities with extreme spin or charge can lose their event horizons, becoming "naked singularities" where quantum effects reign supreme.




Known UsersEdit


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Known ObjectsEdit


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