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"You've heard of the Golden Rule haven't you? Whoever has the gold makes the rules."
― Jafar, Aladdin
The ability to be fated to a life filled with riches. Opposite to Poverty Inducement.

Also Called

  • Immense Wealth
  • Life of Luxury
  • Monetary Blessing


Golden Rule is the chance of attracting wealth in one's life. It will make the user incredibly wealthy to the point where money trouble will be unknown, allowing them to live the life of a nabob.



  • Wealth will lose all meaning.
  • Wealth given to the user could deduct wealth from everybody else.
  • Weak against Poverty Inducement.

Known Users


  • Briar Rose (Fables)


  • King Solomon/Suleiman (Abrahamic Religions)


  • Siegfried (Fate/Apocrypha)
  • Hades (Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus)
  • Hazel Lévesque (Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus)


  • Souichirou Mikuni (C)
  • Kanade Sakurada (Castle-Town Dandelion)
  • Yukariko Sanzenin (Hayate No Gotoku); via The Royal Power
  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Koha-Ace)

Video Games


  • Agnetha Johnson (Almighty Johnsons); as Freyja/Goddess of Prosperity

Known Powers

  • The Royal Power (Hayate no Gotoku)


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