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The power to manipulate games.

Also CalledEdit

  • Game Mastery


User can manipulate any kinds of game and their theories, from table-top games like board games, card games, dice games, wargames, RPGs to modern video games. They are masters at any games they play and can easily set up or change any rules as they wish, bring game materials into reality or vice versa, essentially treat everything they see as just a game, even reality.







  • User's personal knowledge and experience can limit the use of the power.

Known UsersEdit

See Also: Game Master

  • Ullr (The Almighty Johnsons)
  • X (DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything)
  • Sein Kami (Kamisama no Iutoori)
  • Kaminokouji Kamimaro (Kamisama no Iutoori)
  • Acid Mana (Kamisama no Iutoori)
  • Tet (No Game No Life)
  • Thoth (Rifts)
  • Sakusimon (Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters)

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