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The power to destroy galaxies. Sub-power of Destruction. Opposite to Galaxy Creation.

Also Called

  • Galactic Destruction
  • Galaxy Bust/Buster/Busting


The user can destroy an entire galaxy and everything in it.


  • Omnicide of all life in the destroyed galaxy.



  • May be limited to a certain size or type of galaxy.

Known Users


  • 606/Holia (Lilo and Stitch)


  • Mageddon (DC Comics)
  • Superman One Million (DC Comics); claimed, but not shown
  • Beyonder (Marvel Comics)
  • Galactus (Marvel Comics); claimed, but not shown.
  • Sky Fathers (Marvel Comics)
  • Tyrant (Marvel Comics); claimed, but not shown, before being stripped of most of his power by Galactus.
  • The Watchers (Marvel Comics)
  • Unicron (Transformers)


  • Dark Schneider (Bastard!!)
  • Uriel (Bastard!!)
  • Kid Buu (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Broly (Dragon Ball Z Movies)
  • Beerus (Dragon Ball Super)
  • Goku (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Gurren Lagann)
  • Bellcross (Heroic Age); via not holding back
  • Kervius (Heroic Age); only when in Frenzy
  • Sailor Cosmos (Sailor Moon)
  • Gemini Saints (Saint Seiya); via Galaxian Explosion
  • Hades (Saint Seiya)
  • Mugen (Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars)
  • Harvester Flagship (Vandread)


  • Herman the Planet-Smasher (Devin Townsend Project)

Video Games

  • Darkdeath Evilman (Nipponverse)
  • Grey Goo (Tasty Planet)

Known Objects

  • The Moment (Doctor Who)
  • Hobus Star Supernova (Star Trek); presumably
  • Galaxy Destroyer (Tenchi Muyo)


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