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"Welcome, Welcome new galaxy!!"
― Mario's final words (Super Mario Galaxy)

The ability to create galaxies. Sub-power of Cosmic Creation. Opposite to Galaxy Destruction.

Also Called

  • Galaxy Generation


The user can create a massive, gravitationally bound system composed of stars, planets, interstellar clouds, black holes, and dark matter. Depending on the users mastery, they are able to create elaborate constellations, advanced life-forms, irregular galaxies of any shape they desires, and make galaxies even more massive than normal.




  • There may be a limit to how many galaxies a user can create at a time.
  • May need a great amount of energy to create an abundant number of galaxies.

Known Users

  • Molecule Man (Marvel)
  • Odin (Marvel)
  • Alien X (Ben 10)
  • Luma's (Super Mario Galaxy)

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