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Power to use the abilities of a fortress. Technique of Architecture Manipulation. Not to be confused with Structure Physiology.


User with this ability either is or can transform into an fortress, fortified structure with ability to store/create people, weapons, vehicles, and defenses from inside their body and release them at full size. User may appear physically as a fortress, become one when they use their powers or keep their normal form constantly.

On the most basic level, users internal anatomy remarkably spacious and capable of having other beings/creatures/technology/structures stay/exist inside them for extended time while supplying their visitors with habitable environment.

On the more advanced level user can create/summon beings/creatures/technology/structures inside them and deploy them as needed. If user is of relatively human size, their troops will transform into full-sized form after exiting their host.




Known Users


  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo); via His Afro, Fist of the Nose Hair Skills, or himself at times
  • Buster Baron (Buso Renkin)
  • Capone Bege (One Piece); via Shiro Shiro no Mi
  • Chamo Rosso (Rokka no Yuusha)
  • Faudo (Zatch Bell!)


Video Games

  • Alexander (Final Fantasy)
  • Giant of Babil (Final Fantasy)
  • DJ Octavio's Octobot King (Splatoon)


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