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Formula Manifestation
Anti-Life Equation
The Anti-Life Equation is a formula that grants the user total dominion over all sentient life.

Power/Ability to:

manifest formulas

The power to project formula/formulas that causes an non-mundane effect. Sub-power of Science Manipulation. The scientific version of Spell Casting.

Also Called

  • Equation Manifestation/Materialization
  • Formula Materialization
  • Formulae Manifestation/Materialization


By constructing formulated thoughts of formula or formulas to materializing them in reality would allow the user to manipulate fabric of reality as they see fit. For example The user can create a formula that saps beings of their free will through an equation that makes life, hope and freedom irrefutably pointless.





  • Formulas created may harm the users.
  • Requires intelligence.
  • Powers are only available under on an infinity dome.
  • Some imagined formulas may be unreachable, such as taking hundreds of years to write.

Known Users

  • Empress (Dc Comics): via Anti-Life Equation
  • Darkseid (Dc Comics): via Anti-Life Equation
  • Lex Luthor (Dc Comics): via Anti-Life Equation
  • 12th level intellects (Dc Comics): via Anti-Life Equation
  • Users of Formula Jutsus (Naruto)
  • Johnny Quick (DC comics)


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