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The power to fragment/shatter one's form irrevocably. Sub-power of Formlessness. Not to be confused with Division.

Also Called

  • Form Fragmentation/Splintering


The user can irrevocably fragment/shatter targets physically, mentally and/or spiritually, causing the target to become a formless mass. This can cause someone to gain formlessness and/or gain nigh omnipresence by scattering their body/form across space and time and/or reality.

Unlike Disassembly, the user cannot reform their body, as there is usually nothing left of it to restore from.



Known Users

  • Queen of Air and Darkness (AD&D)
  • The Dark One/King of Darkness (Arc The Lad)
  • Clara Oswald (Doctor Who); via jumping into the doctors grave/timeline.
  • Exdeath (Final Fantasy V); via losing control of the Void

Known Objects

  • The Black Diamond (AD&D)
  • Game Cube (Reboot); via losing the game

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