The power to manipulate the essential forms on a physical/esoteric level. Opposite to Biological Essence Manipulation and Non-Life Essence Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Form Control/Modification
  • Form Manipulation
  • Morphology Manipulation
  • Quintessential Form Manipulation


The user can create, shape and manipulate the forms of oneself or others to achieve a new appearance, new powers and new auras. They can even transforms into other species, and possess any form that can be equipped for any environment. The user can even achieve a form that is considered perfection.

Form variation like "Phenotypes" (due to underlying heritable genetic variation) is a fundamental prerequisite for evolution by natural selection. It is the living organism as a whole that contributes (or not) to the next generation, so natural selection affects the genetic structure of a population indirectly via the contribution of forms.

The user can change the physiology of a person's particular nature meaning they can change them from a species like Human to becoming another "Type" attribute such as Animal which will give them either Animal Manipulation/Imitations/Morphing/Empathy.

This power is the umbrella power for every types of form powers through Mode Switching. Every form that users have as powers or part of their morphology, sealed forms, true forms, released forms, merged forms, etc.

The user can analyze the form of Body, Anatomy, Morphology, Life-Force Manipulation, emotion, mental level, and even Powers and then devise counter-measures such as counter powers, devices, etc...








  • Users of Formlessness are immune.
  • Some forms may not be considered suited for survival or being considered 'perfect'.
  • Some users may not be able to manipulate certain types of forms, depending on their field of expertise.

Known Users

  • Protoss (StarCraft)
  • Partially Awakened Beings (Claymore)
  • Users of Soul Link (Claymore)
  • Most Ghosts (Danny Phantom)
  • Xel'Nagas (StarCraft)