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People with telekinesis abililty. Fact or Fiction. Telekinesis denotes the paranormal ability of the mind to influence matter, time, space, or energy without the use of any currently known type of physical means. Most people think it only refers to moving objects with your mind, but as you learn how to use telekinesis and all of the other mind powers, you will see it goes much deeper than that.Types of Telekinesis and Psychokinesis

Telekinesis is generally considered limited to the movement of matter which would include causing an object to move, shake, vibrate, spin, break and to create heat or cold in an object via the speeding up or slowing down of the atoms an object is made of.

Psychokinesis contains all of the above plus teleportation, healing sick or injured tissue, transmutation of matter, controlling magnetism, controlling particles of light and shape shifting. Yet still, none of this comes close to telling you how to use telekinesis, so lets get to the meat of why you are here.

How to Develop Telekinesis

Anyone can learn telekinesis if they practice long enough. Chances are you will not succeed on your first attempt. It often takes hundreds of tries before you hit upon the perfect combination that give results for you.

Through out this site you will find an ever growing list of exercises you can do alone or with your family and friends to help you learn to develop telekinesis abilities.

We start by giving you telekinesis exercises you can use to learn how to use telekinesis and hints on things you can do to tweak the exercises in the way that works best for you.

Of course we start you off with a little theory and conjecture to help you understand the current line of thinking. Then we move on to a wide selection of telekinesis exercises.

Keep in mind that like everything else in life, people will learn telekinesis at different rates or levels. Some will get almost immediate results. Others will require repeated attempts before they see results. The rate you personally learn telekinesis is what is right for you and you can not judge your results on anyone elses successes or failures. Discovery and History Channel documentary " Stan Lee's Superhumans " - Mind Force

How to develop telekinesis

It all starts with you. You've heard the old saying, practice makes perfect? Most people have to put in effort to learn telekinesis. The big thing is to not get frustrated with yourself. Start with the small things and slowly but surely increase your abilities.

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