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The ability to transform using the power of fear. Sub-power of Fear Manipulation. Variation of Emotional Form.

Also Called

  • Horror/Scary/Terror Form


The user can channel fear through their body and soul to gain a new form empowered by their fear. The corruption usually manifests as gruesome to the body/appearance of the user and grants improved versions of their original abilities as well as gaining new abilities that reflect their fear.

User is invariably driven to incurable terror, although they may not be able to control themselves enough to pass as normal, but given enough time they may regain full control. The user's source of power may be their own fear and/or the fear surrounding them, possibly including vast areas, including the whole world.




  • May be reluctant to give in to their fear and as such will not reach their full potential.
  • May be driven permanently frightened or very emotionally wild, blind and clouds the users' judgement.
  • May be limited to users fear or the fear around them.
  • When using this power the user maybe coward in fear and can't actually fight at all.

Known Users

  • Äs Nödt (Bleach)
  • SCP-2006 (SCP Foundation)
  • Mongor (Thundercats)

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