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The ability to cause death by a target touching your body. Variation of Death Inducement.

Also Called

  • Deadly Defense
  • Killing Body


The user's body can kill anyone that touches it. Can be induced or automatically activated. Its activation varies: some users can activate the power when they want to but other times it's permanently active and makes for a perfect defense.


  • Kill in many ways (curse, death inducement, poison) from being touched.
  • Works great in a tight, crowded area.
  • Cause the effects to extend to any objects in contact with your body e.g. a spear, knife, glove or cane.
  • Death Inducement



  • Users of Absolute Immortality are immune.
  • May be permanently active, preventing others from touching the user at all without dying.
  • Purely defense based, cannot be used to attack.
  • Victims may not die instantly.

Known Users


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