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The power to connect reality to dreams/fantasies/fantasy worlds. Sub-power of Fantasy Manipulation. Combination of Realm Connection, Subconscious Manifestation and World Merging. Not to be confused with Subjective Reality.

Also Called

  • Dream World Connecting/Linking
  • Fantasy-Reality Linking


User can connect the physical world to the world of dreams/fantasies, linking the land of dreams and imagination to the realm of matter and substance allowing both words to interact with each other.

As a result the rules of both worlds combine in unpredictable ways, for example causing physical objects become dreams/illusions and vice versa. It also makes possible that changes to anything of either world may affect both of them instead of only one.

Unlike subjective reality there no longer is a border between fantasy and reality, as they are now essentially one and the same.

Applications (Essential)

Applications (Examples)



  • May increase the risk of harm to both worlds as the connection gains both their strengths and weaknesses also.
  • Generally temporary.

Known Users

  • Goddess of Destiny (Brave Story)
  • Renton Thurston (Eureka Seven: Pocketful of Rainbows)
  • Bastian (The Neverending Story)
  • Jay Ziegler (The Odyssey)
  • Kyo Shiragi (Yumekui Merry); partially

Known Objects

  • Interdimensional Rift (Gravity Falls); limited to the area its opened.
  • Imaginationland song (South Park)

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