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"No, no, no, no, you don't understand the scope of my crime. I didn't kill just one Husnock, or a hundred, or a thousand. I killed them all. All Husnock, everywhere."
― Kevin Uxbridge (Star Trek)

The ability to instantly end and eradicate an entire species of creatures from a world/universe. Sub-power of Omnicide.

Also Called

  • Creature Extermination
  • Genocide Inducement
  • Species Wipe-out


The user can instantly end and eradicate a species of creatures from a world/universe, effectively wiping them from the face of history. This ability allows the user to slaughter certain species before they become a threat to the user or their surroundings.



Known Users

  • Super Buu (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Species Eradicator (Spore)
  • Kevin Uxbridge/Douwd (Star Trek)
  • Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon manga/anime)
  • Malia Ortega (Imortal TV Series)
  • Kagari (Rewrite); via Salvation
  • Vaarsuvius (The Order of the Stick)
  • White Spirits (Tears to Tiara)

Known Objects

  • The Halo Array (Halo)
  • Item: Scroll of Genocide (NetHack)

Known Powers

  • Familicide (The Order of the Stick)


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