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The ability to cause anything to explode by naming the subject.

Also Called

  • Identity Combustion
  • Title Bomb


The user is able to make anything explode or combust by saying the name of the desired subject at hand. By calling the title of an object, the user can cause that object to explode, regardless of what amount of that object is present at the moment. For example, in the situation a user is surrounded by opponents wearing helmets, all they would need to say is the word "Helmets" to make every helmet present randomly explode.




  • Must know the identification of an object or subject matter to cause an object to explode.
  • Must be able to speak out the name of the subject to activate their power.
  • May need to see the desired object to cause their destruction.
  • May need to specify objects in a plural form to destroy multiple ones at once
  • May be unable to deactivate their power

Known Users


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