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The power to fire numerous explosive objects. Combination of Volatile Constructs and Bullet Hell.

Also Called

  • Bomb Barrage
  • Carpet Bombing
  • Cluster Bomb Generation
  • Explosive Flurry


Users can generate and launch a great number of highly explosive projectiles in a single blow. These bombs can be of any form and type (elemental, energy, psychic, gravity, etc.), possibly completed by additional properties like targeting, phasing or teleportation to increase their overall effectiveness.

This grant users extreme destructive capabilities, allowing them obliterate entire armies, wide territories, and even entire planets in a single wave. Projectiles may also be focused to quickly tear down the most resilient targets, or combined into an exponentially more powerful explosion.




  • Bears a high risk of collateral damage, friendly-fire and even self-fire.

Known Users

Known Attacks

  • Blast Bomb (Slayers)


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