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The ability to have technology that operates under mechanics that are highly improbable or impossible to modern day technology. Variation of Advanced Technology.

Also CalledEdit

  • Modified Tech
  • O-Parts/OPAs
  • Unreal Technology


User can create, own or find technology that operates on a mechanism or spectrum likely improbable or inaccessible to modern day humanity, for such feats as living armor and weapons, devices, etc. The technology tends to have a basis in some form of alternate technological advances that did not happen in humanity, such as enhanced bioengineering, magic, an energy-based biology, psionics, or any number of combinations.


The user may possess advanced technology capable of performing feats such as:




  • The user might follow their own logic.
  • This is going to require a lot of power, like all machines do.
  • Technology Manipulation may be able to stop user, but may require tuning to the right type of technology.
  • It may require Enhanced Intelligence to understand the technology.

Known UsersEdit

  • Skulker (Danny Phantom)
  • Armacham Technology Corporation (FEAR)
  • Lunarians (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Users of Beta Technology (Gold Digger)
    • Ancient Gina
  • The Academy (Steel Angel Kurumi)
  • Tinkers (Worm)

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