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The power to manipulate exotic matter. Variation of Matter Manipulation. Not to be confused with Foreign Material Manipulation


The user can create, shape and manipulate exotic matter, form of matter with "exotic properties". Exotic matter can be matter with "exotic" physical properties that defy the known laws of physics, such as tachyons, that have negative mass or "imaginary" mass, allowing them to either reverse the laws of physics or simply go faster than the speed of light. It can also be hypothetical particles that have capabilities well within the laws of physics, states of matter that aren't commonly encountered, like quark-gluon plasma or Bose-Einstein condensates, or they can be states of matter poorly understood like dark matter, or normal matter placed under high pressure.



  • May need to understand exotic matter to properly manipulate it.
  • May not be able to generate exotic matter and only may be able to manipulate preexisting exotic matter.

Known Objects

  • Project Arcturus (Stargate Atlantis)

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