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"Great moment there, dumbass. Starts out with a profound misunderstanding with how the human body works and winds up with you shattering a few bones in some old man's hand."
― Dr. Kelso (Scrubs)

The ability to do super things through normal acts.


The user of this ability can do super/supernatural things by exaggerating their actions to do things out of this world things. For example, the user rubs their hands together, and by supernatural exaggeration they can create/generate fire and/or heat and manipulate it.


  • Air Manipulation - The user can generate and manipulate strong winds, by exaggeration of a normal of creating wind, like blowing from the mouth, or waving the hands.
  • Electricity Manipulation - The user can generate and manipulate electricity by tribo-electric-effect, like rubbing a balloon across their hair, creating static and exaggerating that mentally to generate and manipulate electricity.
  • Enhanced Jump - The user can jump great heights/distances by exaggerating their jump.
  • Fire/Heat Manipulation - The user can generate and manipulate fire or heat by doing things that cause heat, like becoming enraged or rubbing their hands together etc.
  • Self-Exertion
  • Super Speed - The user can become incredibly fast by exaggerating their running speed etc.
  • Super Strength - The user can become incredibly strong by, exaggerating a punch that is meant to be their strongest punch attack, or through other means.


Known Users

  • Atsuko Natsume (All-purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku-Nuku)
  • Many Disney Characters (Disney Animation)
  • Vinsmoke Sanji (One Piece)
  • Oscar Proud (Proud Family)
  • The Todd (Scrubs)
  • Teen Titans (Teen Titans Go!); via getting serious
  • Zohan Dvir (You Don't Mess with the Zohan)


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