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The ability to cause/recreate/reconstruct an event from the past, present or the future. Sub-power of Event Manipulation. Combination of Future Manipulation and Past Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Event Reconstruction/Reformat/Reformatting


The user can change a specific event from the past/present/future by recreating/reformatting them.




  • May or may not be overcome by the users of Event Negation.
  • Reformatting/Reconstructing a specific event might cause someones past/future/present to be altered when it's not suppose to be.
  • Domino Effect and Butterfly Effect might become an outcome and doesn't really become an advantage anymore for the user of this power.
  • When the power is used to an enemy, a event might also cause the user's allies to change their own certain events from a specific timeline. The user could kill their subordinates/opponents or put them on either misery and luck.
  • May create a certain event if the user is under certain emotions.

Known Users

  • The Testament (Horizon In The Middle of Nowhere); via recreating every event in history
  • Book Of Ages (Jackie Chan Adventures)
  • Goddesses (Legend of the Legendary Heroes)
  • Bruce Parker (Altitude)

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