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The power to manipulate erosion and weathering. Sub-power of Nature Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Erosion Control/Mastery
  • Weathering Control/Manipulation


The user can manipulate the natural processes of erosion and weathering, speeding or slowing it, reshaping rocks or landforms in different ways. They can also control how the erosion or weathering happens, giving the user control of how they wants to erode or weather rocks and landforms.


  • Granulation
  • Speed up erosion.
  • Slow down erosion.
  • Control how erosion or weathering shapes rocks.
  • Create ditches or canyons by eroding or weathering the rock under one's feet.
  • Can reshape entire landforms such as mountains.
  • Can be used for tunneling underground.
  • With enough skill, can cause caves or other structures to collapse.
  • Can create caves.
  • Can undo erosion and weathering effects, even from long ago.
  • Can cause rock structures to fall over by eroding their base.
  • Can affect buildings, weakening and disfiguring them.



  • The user may need to have water, air or other eroding agent to erode and weather rocks and landforms.
  • May take extensive time.

Known Users

  • Tavi (Codex Alera)
  • Crocodile (One Piece)


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