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The power to empathize with equine beings. A sub-power of Animal Empathy.

Also CalledEdit

  • Eequine Empathy


The user can sense and/or understand the emotions of equine beings (Horses, Donkeys, Zebras, Mules, Unicorns, Pegasi and Hippocampi and others) and vice versa.



  • Is not a form of mind control, so aggressive, dangerous animals may still attack user
  • User may be limited to specific animal or animal type (ex. Dogs, Horses, Fish, etc.)
  • User may feel the equine being they are targeting

Known UsersEdit

  • Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
  • Tyson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
  • Poseidon (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
  • Horsewoman (DC)
  • Poseidon (Greek Mythology)
  • Epona (Gallo-Roman Mythology)
  • Sun Wukong (Journey Into the West)
  • Neptune (Roman Mythology)

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