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The ability to slow down entropy. Sub-power of Entropy Manipulation. Opposite of Entropy Acceleration.

Also Called

  • Entropy Deceleration/Slow-Down


The user can cause the amount of entropy/disorder in a system to slow down, directly controlling the flow of matter and energy to decelerate at a slower pace than usual.


  • Induce Decelerated Aging
  • Decelerate Decay
  • Slow down the transition of matter (like vapor to water to ice, for example)
  • Keep an object from rusting.
  • Prevent any kind of break down.
  • Extend the lifespan of things.
  • Slow down death when fatally injured.
  • Repair broken objects.



  • Entropy only slows down, and it does not speed up.
  • Does not slow down time, just entropy.
  • Decelerating entropy for larger objects may take longer.

Known Users

  • Wizards (Young Wizards); by fighting the Lone Power

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