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The ability to accelerate the speed of entropy. Sub-power of Entropy Manipulation. Opposite of Entropy Reduction.

Also Called

  • Entropy Increasing/Speed-Up/Speeding


The user can cause the amount of entropy/disorder in a system to accelerate itself, directly making the flow of matter and energy break down at a faster speed.


  • Accelerate phase transitions for solids, liquids, gases, and plasma.
  • Speed up rotting.
  • Make damage to objects worse.
  • Speed up aging.
  • Speed up radioactive decay.
  • Decrease the life span of anything such as stars.



  • Entropy gets only faster, not slower.
  • Could make thing decay beyond repair by accident.
  • Does not speed up time, only entropy.
  • Accelerations for larger objects may take longer.

Known Users

  • Lightfoot (Academy of Superheroes)

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