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Enhanced Visibility
Simon becomes more popular when he takes ecstasy.

Power/Ability to:

Become instantly more popular or noticeable.

The ability to become more noticeable by others. Opposite power of Invisibility, Unlovability­, and Unnoticability.

Also Called

  • Accelerated Noticeably
  • Desirability
  • Increased Popularity


The user is capable of becoming more noticeable and visible to another's perspective.


  • People would notice you more.
  • People would like you.
  • People would become your followers.
  • People will be attracted to you and think that you're amazing.
  • People would bring the user into groups of the people's friends and to know each other


  • Some don't have the option to turn it on or off. Sometimes it's just something that's on all the time.
  • Could draw attention from the wrong people.
  • Permanent lack of privacy.

Known Users

  • Simon (MisFits); gained this when ecstasy reversed his power
  • Angel (Lilo & Stitch); All of the male experiments and her fans.
  • Chris Brody (Haven)
  • Heidi (Twilight Saga); via Enhanced Beauty
  • Acheron Parthenopaeus (Dark Hunter Novels)
  • Momo Kisaragi (Kagerou Project)


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