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Enhanced Durability
Luke Cage (Earth-616) 0001
Luke Cage (Marvel) has a level of durability high enough that he is unharmed by small firearms or high level free falling

Power/Ability to:

Resist damage.

The power to sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults. A sub-power of Enhanced Condition and Invulnerability.

Also Called

  • Damage Resistance
  • Delayed Capitulation
  • Enhanced Resistance
  • High Resistance
  • Super Durability
  • Super Resistance
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Resistance


The user's physical durability (ability to endure/resist damage) is extremely high, allowing them to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.


  • Bulletproof Durability
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Pain Suppression
    • High level resistance to damage.
    • The user can take an attack while feeling the effect later.
  • The user will maintain optimal health if sickness is the aggressor, yielding to the sickness day’s later if the sickness is potent.



  • Since this ability isn't the same as Invulnerability, the user can only take so much damage before it finally takes an effect.
  • If the power is due to mimicking an element, the user might become even more vulnerable than normal to certain attacks. Ex: Someone with Metal Mimicry might be extremely weak towards someone with Magnetism Manipulation or a person with Water Mimicry will be very weak to those with Electricity Manipulation.
  • The power might have a set amount of time.
  • Might require Training from Hell to be acquired by normal people.

Known Users

  • Tekkai users (One Piece)
  • Busoshoku Haki users (One Piece)
  • Victor (Los Protegidos)
  • Hierro users (Bleach)
  • Blut Vene users (Bleach)
  • Patrick Donovan (The Young Guardians); via heat absorption
  • Derek Marvin (The Young Guardians)
  • Hulk (Marvel)
  • Luke Cage (Marvel)
  • Odin (Marvel)
  • Ghostface (Scream)
  • Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom)
  • Superman (DC comics)
  • Doomsday (DC comics)
  • Colossus (Marvel)
  • Drax The Destroyer (Marvel)
  • Juggernaut (Marvel)
  • Stepford Cuckoos (Marvel)
  • Emma (X-Men Origins Wolverine)
  • Harley Quinn (DC Comics)
  • Martian Manhunter (DC comics)
  • Miss Martian (DC comics)
  • Ghost Rider (Marvel)
  • The Thing (Marvel)
  • She-Hulk (Marvel)
  • Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles)
  • Kratos (God of War)
  • Spawn (Image Comics)
  • Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)
  • Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)
  • Rob Lucci (One Piece)
  • Megabyte (ReBoot)
  • Hexadecimal (ReBoot)
  • Gigabyte (ReBoot)
  • Daemon (ReBoot)
  • Slayers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Faith Lehane (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • The Lone Wanderer (Fallout 3)
  • Dragonfly (Superhero Movie)
  • Asura (Asura's Wrath)
  • Yasha (Asura's Wrath)
  • Mord Sith (Legend of the Seeker)
  • A (Naruto)
  • Third Raikage (Naruto)
  • Kakuzu (Naruto)
  • The One Being Sought (Code: Breaker)
  • Agent Maine / The Meta (Red vs. Blue)
  • Skull (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
  • James "Jim" Powell, Sr. (No Ordinary Family)
  • Four Arms (Ben 10)
  • Cannonbolt (Ben 10)
  • Way Big (Ben 10)
  • Chromastone (Ben 10)
  • The Worst (Ben 10)
  • Humungasaur (Ben 10)
  • Rath (Ben 10)
  • Juniper Lee (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee)
  • Inuyasha (Inuyasha/Inuyasha: The Final Act)
  • Cole Macgrath (inFAMOUS)
  • Emma Frost (Marvel comics/X-Men); via crystalline diamond form
  • Hisako Ichikki (Marvel/X-Men); via armor-like energy form)
  • One punch man (One Punch Man)
  • Sonic the hedgehog (Sonic the hedgehog)
  • The Charmed Ones (Charmed)
  • Several upper-level magical beings (Charmed)
  • Sunspot (Marvel)
  • Kratos (GoW)
  • Ed (Ed Edd n Eddy)
  • Yaya (Unbreakable Machine-Doll)
  • Kaku (Akame ga Kill)
  • SOLDIERs (Compilation of Final Fantasy VII)
  • Kojō Akatsuki (Strike the Blood)
  • Dimitrie Vatler (Strike the Blood)
  • Astarte (Strike the Blood)
  • Delsin Rowe (InFamous: Second Son)
  • All conduits (InFamous series)
  • Tanaka (Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA)
  • Almost every Shounen character
  • The Charmed Ones (Charmed)
  • Elfman Strauss (Fairy Tail) via Beast Soul: Lizardman
  • Matsuru kamijtou (Toaru Byakuya no bankai)

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