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The power to create clones with superior powers. Variation of Replication and Enhanced Power Replication.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Copying/Replication
  • Enhanced Self-Duplication
  • Superior Copying/Duplication/Replication


User can create clones of either themselves or others with powers greater then the original.




  • Users of Singularity cannot create enhanced clones.
  • Clones may be independent of their creator.
    • Clones personality may be same or different from the original, thus affecting there actions and mistakes.
    • Clones may overcome their programming with varying effects from refusing to obey to lethal rebellion.
  • May need specific types of methods when creating clones.

Known Users

  • Kageroza Inaba (Bleach); via Reigai
  • Bio-Roids (Ninja Gaiden III: Ancient Ship of Doom)
  • MewTwo (Pokemon: The First Movie)
  • Ijin (Read or Die)

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