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The ability to be highly proficient in handling a cannon. Variation of Artillery Proficiency and Enhanced Marksmanship.

Also CalledEdit

  • Cannon Mastery
  • Master Cannonmanship


Users are highly skilled with all types of cannons, allowing them to perform great feats and benefit in a far ranged combat. Users are to have excellent bull-eyes aim on their target via ammunition.

Users are also able to operate all variations of cannons. They can create cannons as well as repair them. Also to have an expert knowledge of cannons and handling them. Users have excellent intuition on trigger-initiated, hand-held, and hand-directed implements, especially with an extending bore, which thereby resemble the class of weapon in either form or concept.


  • Prowess in far-ranged combat.
  • Gun Kata with heavy artillery.
  • Users are capable of operating cannons, creating and repairing cannons, with an extensive knowledge about cannons.
  • Incredibly fast weapon control.
  • Weapon Proficiency on trigger-initiated, hand-held, and hand-directed implements.
  • Skilled users can use Ricochet Shots.



  • Needs intensive focus skills in order to aim for opponent.
  • Must be prepared at all times from oncoming attacks.

Known UsersEdit


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