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The ability to consciously change/alter one's source of energy to any energy source one wishes. Sub-power of Energy Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Power Source Selection


The user can consciously change/alter their source of power to any energy source the user wishes. As long as as a form of energy exists around the user, the user can reformat their power source to that different energy source to adapt in battle and overcome perceived energy-based weakness.




  • May only be able to absorb a limited amount of different energies.
  • Too much absorbed energy may destroy the user's body.
  • Certain energies may counteract one another.
  • Power Deactivation, Power Erasure, and/or Power Negation may still affect user.

Known Users

  • Christopher Kent of Earth-16 (DC Comics)
  • Monica Rambeau/Spectrum (Marvel Comics)
  • Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics)

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