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The power to generate storms that never end. Technique of Storm Manipulation. Variation of Endless Attack and Storm Generation.

Also CalledEdit

  • Perpetual Storm Creation/Generation/Inducement


User can create/generate storms or weather phenomena that will never end once generated. Perpetual storms may even continue to grow in size and strength over time by altering local weather patterns or by drawing down the upper atmosphere to form new storms.

Depending on the users skill and the local weather conditions, almost any size storm can be generated.




  • Cannot control the storm once generated.
  • May be weak against Storm Negation.

Known UsersEdit

  • Ba'al (Ba'al: The Storm God)
  • Exile (Last Exile)
  • Mewtwo (Pokemon: The First Movie)
  • Living Superoxidizer (Seattle Superstorm)

Known ObjectsEdit

  • Rain Machine (Rave Master)
  • The Touchstone (Stargate SG-1); when used improperly

Examples of Endless StormsEdit

  • Grand Stream (Last Exile)
  • Fimbulvetr/Fimbulwinter (Norse Mythology)
  • Eye of Abendego (Pathfinder)
  • Annihilation Storm (Rave Master)
  • The everstorm (Stormlight Archive)

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