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The power to use mystically-enhanced symbiotic armor. Combination of Enchanted Armor and Symbiotic Costume. Variation of Power Suit and Science-Magic Mixture.

Also Called

  • Magic Symbiote Armor
  • Mystical Symbiote Armor


The user possesses an entity that is symbiotically bound to their body and acts as an exoskeleton, with this entity having been empowered by mystical forces. These forces allow the user, even if they are not normally capable of using magic, to utilize it through said symbiotic entity, and may negate or alter weaknesses that the entity usually would have.




  • Armor may be rendered inert by anti-magical or anti-enchantment effects.
  • Symbiote may be controlled through arcane rituals to possess the user or alter their mentality far more than a non-magical symbiote.

Known Users


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