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The ability to share sensations or emotions. Variation of Empathy.

Also Called

  • Emotional Reflection
  • Empathetic Contagion/Transmission


Users can share sensations or emotions with other people, either by augmenting mutually shared emotions or exercising control over others by forcing emotions onto them. Users can pass their emotions or sensations on to others and make the targets feel what they are feeling. Users can also experience the feelings of others by physical contact.



  • May require physical contact.
  • May have a sensitivity to chemicals secreted by the skin of another or intense negative or positive emotions.
  • May feel emotionally/physically weakened after using their ability

Known Users

  • Danielle Rosen (Alphas)
  • Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed)
  • Nick Lane (Fringe)
  • Jeremy Reed (Powder)
  • Tyler (The Subject No. 1)
  • Jasper Hale (Twilight)

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