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The power to manipulate the elements via one's emotions. Empathic variation of Elemental Manipulation

Also Called

  • Patho-Ecokinesis
  • Patho-Elementokinesis


The user can manipulate the elements via their emotions. When they are calm, the weather and sky will be clear, sunny and peaceful but when they are angry, violent storms can appear.

Certain elements can be conjured with one's emotions. For example, anger/rage can bring out fire and electricity. They could make plants grow and flowers blossom when they are happy and calm. If skilled enough, the user can also become the elements based on their emotions.

Users may also strengthen their control and the powers of the elements when feeling these emotions.


All the capabilities of Elemental Manipulation, limited to certain emotions/moods





Known Users

  • Yota (Naruto)
  • Alice Shaw (Heroes)
  • Isis (DC Comics)
  • Storm (Marvel)
  • Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom); after absorbing weather controlling abilities from Vortex
  • Hannah Panahon (Wansapanataym Episode 79)
    • When crying - it rains hard
    • When boastful - a tornado will suddenly appear
    • When angry - thunder storm clashes together with the winds
    • When irritated - electrical-based objects explodes
    • When sad and gloomy - clouds go dim and dark
    • When happy - the sun is up and the weather is moderate
  • Emma Gilbert, Cleo Setori, and Rikki Chadwick (H2O: Just Add Water); when combining their weather-affecting/controlling abilities
  • Milly Bertenburger (Kid vs. Kat); after gaining Telekinesis
  • Laura Vasquez (Men in Black II)
  • Dovahkiin (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)
  • The Goddess of Earth (Charmed)

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