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Emotional Attuned Physiology

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The ability to possess supernatural abilities attuned to specific emotions. Variation of Emotional Energy Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Empathetic Affined Physiology
  • Empathetic Attuned Physiology
  • Emotional Affined Physiology
  • Emotional Energy Affined Physiology
  • Emotional Energy Attuned Physiology


Users have a physiology attuned to specific emotions, gaining various abilities and enhancements that grow stronger alongside them, often physically changing the users depending on the emotion. For example, A rage-attuned user would gradually transform into more powerful and intimidating forms, while a lust-attuned would get exponentially more beautiful and mesmerizing.




  • May be unable to feel anything but that particular emotion.
  • May lose power when not feeling the emotion to which the user is attuned.

Known Users