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The power to embody emotions. Variation of Emotion Manipulation and Power Manifestation.

Also Called

  • Emotion Avatar/Incarnated
  • The Emotion


User is a physical manifestation or personification of an emotion, such as Love, Hatred, Happiness, etc, and gains the ability to influence their represented emotion.





  • Being embodiment for emotions makes the user emotionally polarized.
    • Being embodiment for more than one emotion makes the user emotionally unstable.

Known Users

Western Animation

  • Emotions (Inside Out)
    • Joy
    • Sadness
    • Anger
    • Disgust
    • Fear

Comic Books

  • Ion (DC Comics); Represents willpower.
  • Parallax (DC Comics); Represents fear.
  • Butcher (DC Comics); Represents rage.
  • Proselyte (DC Comics); Represents compassion.
  • Adara (DC Comics); Represents hope.
  • Ophidian (DC Comics); Represents avarice/greed.
  • Predator (DC Comics); Represents love.
  • Desire of the Endless (DC Comics/Vertigo)
  • Despair of the Endless (DC Comics/Vertigo)
  • Delirium of the Endless (DC Comics/Vertigo); as Delight
  • Enmity (Marvel Comics)
  • Epiphany (Marvel Comics)
  • Empathy (Marvel Comics)
  • Eulogy (Marvel Comics)


  • Daemons (His Dark Materials)

Video Games

  • Mesprit (Pokemon)
  • Metis (Persona 3 FES)


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