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The ability to use emblems for magic. Combination of Symbol Magic, Life-Force Manipulation and Energy Absorption. Form of Magic.

Also Called

  • Emblem Art


Users of this type of magic create a "light emblem" that works as a platform for mixing energy that the user collects from the environment (generally energy dispersed in the environment) and their own life-force and then use the result for various purposes, like lighting a dark room, creating personal/special equipment (like weapons, armor, vehicle, etc.) or various type of attacks (from energy attacks to elemental ones).

Emblem Variations

  • Personal: a personal emblem with form and appearance that respect the user, "tuned" so the user can use all his/her potential and personal special skill
  • Standard: standard emblem used by members of specific group or army, less powerful respect the personal
  • Copy: a personal emblem copied from other people, despite give more or less the same ability of the original, the power is low respect the original and a standard one



  • User can only use the element with have more affinity.
  • If the emblem is break or seal the magic stop working.
  • May be dangerous (shorten the user's lifespan) or lethal.

Know Users

  • Dog Days Characters (Dog Days Anime)
  • Kusanagi Kanata (Kanata)


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