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The power to have a deep physical/spiritual connection with the elements. Variation of Ecological Empathy.

Also Called

  • Elemental Bond
  • Elemental Empathy


User has a deep physical or spiritual connection with the various elemental forces of nature, which allows them to have deep understanding of what the elements can do and how it applies to them. This can allow them to easily communicate with the elements that they have a deep connection with.

If there is any manipulation involved with this power it would be considered more empathic than anything else.




Known Users

  • Milon (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Lala-Ru (Now and Then, Here and There)
  • Moroha Haimura (Seiken Tsukai no World Break)
  • Shizuno Urushibara (Seiken Tsukai no World Break)
  • Vasilisa Yuryevna Mostovaya (Seiken Tsukai no World Break)
  • Elementalist (Valkyrie Crusade)


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