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The power to use Eldritch Magic, a form of magic that is derived from Eldritch Abominations. Alien variation of the Dark Arts and Divine Magic.

Also Called

  • Abyssal Magic
  • Alien Magic
  • The Orange and Blue Path


User can utilize Eldritch Magic, a variation of magic that is derived from some sort of Eldritch being. What this means ultimately depends on the universe it's used in, but more often than not it's not a good thing. Eldritch Magic practitioners are capable of doing things that can exceed many limitations of Magic usually at the cost of their physical form or their sanity. Eldritch Magic is usually accomplished via communion with eldritch masters.




  • May cause the user to go insane.
  • User may lose powers if the user's master is sealed away.
  • There is always a price, usually a heavy one.

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