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The ability to sense the overall well-being and conditions of one's immediate environment and natural setting stemming from a psychic sensitivity to nature. Sub-power of Nature Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Nature Sense


The user can sense the overall well-being and conditions of their immediate environment and natural setting stemming from a psychic sensitivity to nature, including all biomes (forests, deserts, tundras, wetlands, mountains, etc).

They are physically, emotionally, and/or mentally in synch with environment, which allows them to perceive and understand not only what happens in nature but if it is in harmony with natural order. A naturally tree falling or predator catching their prey in a near by forest would be felt by the user, leaving them feeling calmly relieved. Unnaturally, would leave the user sickened.


  • Natural Affinity: to emphatically influence the ecosystem




  • May lose senses while in a provoked/endangered habitat.
  • User's emotions may be directly linked to the environment, they may feel blissful and become physically enhanced if their immediate environment is operating naturally or may feel scared, anxious, feeble, or even frenzied if the bio-network is not behaving naturally due to foreign violation.

Known Users

  • Swamp Thing (DC)
  • Man-Thing (Marvel)
  • Storm (Marvel)
  • Poison Ivy (DC Comics)
  • Pocahontas (Disney)
  • Vilgax (Ben 10/AF/UA)
  • Roxy (Winx Club)
  • Flora (Winx Club)
  • Diana (Winx Club)
  • SCP-992 (SCP Foundation)
  • Maya (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
  • Aya/Diwani Olivia (Enchanted Garden)
  • Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon)
  • The Nox (Stargate SG-1)
  • Fire & Thunder (Soul Eater)
  • Gruff the NeverBeast (Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast)


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